Archivio della Memoria is a cultural association founded in 2002 and based in Rome, Italy. It is specialized in carrying out social, historical, anthropological and territorial marketing research and in creating highly innovative educational supports on behalf of universities, public bodies and private organizations in the field of Adult, Youth, School, Vet and Higher Education.

AdM operates both in urban areas and in small towns, in Italy and abroad, actively interacting with local communities, especially those characterized by marginalization and social disadvantage, developing qualitative and quantitative research, visual documentation and organizing educational projects either for adults or children and young people in the subjects of its competence.

Many research and communication projects, such as campaigns dedicated to the school and university contexts – have been developed over the years in close collaboration with public and private organizations, academic and institutional bodies, such as the Lazio Region and the Municipality of Rome.

AdM also carries out Digital Storytelling activities in the field of anthropological, sociological, historical and environmental research for the documentation, recovery and enhancement of cultures, traditions, local knowledge and realities at greater risk of disappearance. Also an active cooperation is going on in the context of social and innovative entrepreneurship through the developing of Entrepreneurship Education projects and training outcomes.

Since 2007, AdM has developed several EU Educational Projects, as a coordinator and as a partner organization, in the fields of Digitalization, Environment and Climate Change, Cultural Heritage, Entrepreneurship Education, Mental Issues and Hyperconnectivity in the digital reality and gaming.